Welcome Parents, Teachers and Students

Are you are puzzled by some of the following? You, your children, or your students

Boy Reading• Don’t test well, despite doing well in class

• Are easily distracted and frequently bored

• Are great with complex issues, stymied by simple ones

• May be gifted learners, doing advanced work

• Think outside the box

• Procrastinate, and lose track of time

• Are people-persons

• Are disorganized

• Get the math answers right, but can’t show the work

• Are more random than systematic

You, or they, also have great imaginations, love to connect with others, have great creative insights and problem-solving skills and can get passionately lost in the activity of the moment.

You are in good company. Research tells us that a full fifty percent of the population share these characteristics. The reason? They are right-brain learners, and their number is growing.

The problem? Simply stated, we are on a collision course between the preeminent priority on testing and the growing number of students who are bright but don’t test well.

The Stressless Tests® Method offers clear and lasting solutions.

Girl Reading• It is based on Nobel-prize winning research and the latest findings in neuroscience.

• It offers a clear understanding of the brain-based reasons you, your children, and your students think and perform the way they do, and time-tested strategies for change.

Participants will learn

• the great gifts and advantages of their way of thinking

• how to use their unique skills to their advantage

• how to study slightly differently to become masters of testing

• how to tap into the specific aspect of their intelligence that is needed for a given task

This is groundbreaking work. You will quickly see the benefits
for you, your child, family or classroom.

The classroom environment is based on caring and respect for each student.

• Classes are small, supportive, focused, interactive, and stimulating.

• Students are introduced to proven, key study skills in both oral and multi-media formats, and given an immediate opportunity to practice the skills.

• Students take home a copy of the new What's My Style? Test and Study Secrets for Procrastinating Teens, An Owner's Manual for Your Brain by Betty Caldwell, and, as an option,  a copy of Study for Success, a companion DVD.

Please take a moment to look at the detailed information on the rest of the site.  I invite you to read the news article that featured the Stressless Tests Program on Reducing Test Anxiety.  It appeared in the Howard County Times and the Columbia Flyer.  Don’t miss the wonderful interview with the high school student who described what he learned to Fox 5 television reporters.

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As Of August 2018, No Middle Or High School Classes Will Be Scheduled In The Near Future.

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"Finally, I get to learn who I am, instead of who I’m not. What a relief!."

High School Student


"I have spent thousands of dollars with commercial study skills companies, and never learned what I did in your workshop."

Workshop for Parents Participant

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