Workplace Learners Say

"Wow! Betty was fantastic!"

"Very good at keeping participants engaged and interested!"

"Great presenter, organized and flexible"

"Fun and entertaining!"

Counselors and Social Workers at University School of Social Work Professional Development Workshop

"Polished presenter, engaging, creative, and passionate about her subject"

"Wow! Very enthusiastic and knowledgable. Great job!"


Parents at Fairfax County Department of Family Services Workshop for Foster and Adoptive Parents

"It turns out I am heavily "right-brained" and this is why I have so much trouble processing the data and details of the manuals and guides, recalling it for the exams.  Betty has found ways for me to read, study, and LEARN the information, enabling me to recall what I need to know not only for the exam but for speaking with clients.  I strongly recommend PPI contact her as a teaching and learning resource for their classes."

Joyce Russell Hadley

EGG Commercial Building Habitats

"Discovering the "why" behind the way my mind works truly helped me better understand me. Now I can better use my time when I study."

Julia Divach, WMAC-APA Study Group Participant

"The first word that comes to mind in describing this workshop? Informative-over the top. Fun. Interesting. Helpful. Outstanding. Excellent."

Participants in American Payroll Association Annual Congress Power Hour Presentation

"Your workshop exceeded my expectations! Thank you!"

Eileen Buckley, Study Group Leader, Washington Metropolitan Area Payroll Association

Students and Parents Say...


I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed the workshop last evening. I am a Child and Adolescent psychiatrist and I of course run across kids with ADHD all the time. I just gave your website info to a mother whose son is struggling with the details of history and got a D. I plan to sign up my 9th grader for your next round of classes.

Kimberly Walker Fuller

I told Amanda if I had known the science of studying earlier, med school might have been easier.

Nancy H.

Your courses made an enormous difference. He received his report card and received all A’s and one B. In addition, his honors course teachers in English and History have recommended him for AP/GT next year. Thanks again for your wonderful classes and teaching.”

Ann Windsor

“It was great to talk to you yesterday.  I was overjoyed to be in touch with someone who has a real clue about visual-spatial learning.  I think learning styles are often overlooked, and a lot of bright kids get lost in the process.”

Dana Foer

“Thank you!  Jerrid said he enjoyed the course and got a lot out of it…things he can really use to help him be a better student.  I will certainly recommend this course to other parents.”

Angela Curry


"Bubbly, very engaging."

Counselor, Frederick County Public Schools

"Excellent! Nice job!"

Shannon Marble

Frederick County Public Schools

"Very informative, kept the presentation moving!"

Counselor Frederick County Public Schools


"Wow! Great workshop!

Counselor Frederick County Public Schools


"I read your book, administered the survey to my administrative team and leadership team and then to the entire staff.  It has been a buzz around the school house.  We will be administering it to our students next school year."

Debbie Phelps


Baltimore County Middle School

"Your program will surely reduce the unnecessary suffering around studying and test taking."

Thomas Payne

Coordinator of Advanced Programs and Fine Arts

I am currently a counselor at Howard High School.  I receive numerous questions and concerns from parents and students regarding test taking strategies and reducing anxiety.  I always refer them to your classes and website.  You provide a great service to the Howard County community!”

Jan Bornstein

Guidance Counselor

“Stressless Tests has been successfully incorporated into the 21st Century Community Learning Centers after school programs providing students with skills and strategies for achievement.  The Stressless Tests approach fits perfectly in the after school programs by teaching the students about their individual learning styles, helping them to focus more effectively and increasing their confidence in test taking.  The students are engaged in the activities and report relying on the lessons learned through Stressless Tests™ during the school day.

Marty Cifrese

Bridges Program Manager

“My work as a math tutor deepens and becomes more meaningful to both my students and to me as I learn to incorporate Betty Caldwell’s strategies for increasing their self-knowledge.  I taught math in the public school for 26 years and have worked as a private math tutor for the last 10 years.  I find that the Stressless Tests™ approach appeals directly and easily to students. Students often report back that they took the SAT without stress and completed more problems for a higher score.”

Merrily Preston

Math Teacher and Tutor

Middle School Students:

"In this class I learned how to take notes and properly study for a test. I also learned how to get past my numeroous studying distractors by vanquishing them with help and tips and advice found in the book. I remember how to do these tips because of the entertaining and insightful ways that they were conveyed."

Nick Buonaccorsi

Grade 8

"You have a great easy-read book! :-)

Kyla Clark

Grade 8

"I learned how to get organized and take notes,two things that had previously haunted me. I also learned how to take control of projects by breaking them down into smaller chunks and focusing on one thing at a time. ...Thank you for teaching me how to get better control of my brain."

Heather Ailinger

Grade 6

"The thing that helped me the most was solving my procrastination problem. I usually try to do the entire project within the last two weeks. But you told me a lot of good ways to manage my time well. Even within the week, I completely changed up my room so that I can work on homework and projects. This all was amazing because I got to have ideas and thoughts I would never have had before."

Jake Carson

Grade 6

"What I found very helpful in this class was that I learned how to not procrastinate, how to study and prepare for class, how to focus more in class, and how to spend my time wisely."

Abigail Burbank

Grade 8

“This class has given me opportunities to try more things that I never knew existed. I now do my homework much more efficiently. If I could take a class like this in anything else that could help me as much as this, I’d do it without thinking about it.

Eamonn Clark

Grade 8

High School Students:

I thought I would dislike going to this course, but I have started looking forward to coming and hearnig about what you have to say. THANKS SOO MUCH!!

Marie Gelfand


"Dear Mrs. Caldwell,

I came into this course with skepticism. I didn’t really believe that anything could help my fear of tests and that that was just something I was going to have to accept. This course really did pleasantly surprise me in the fact that it gave me a completely new side to the story that I had never heard of.

When I saw that procrastination was one of the topics you covered, I feared it would just be blaming us for our laziness and insisting that we study more….You gave us the skills that aid us in figuring out how to do well while letting us come to our own conclusions most of the time.

 You covered a variety of variables that could affecting our test scores that I NEVER EVEN THOUGHT OF. It was nice how you not only taught us that there isn’t anything wrong with us and you showed us the science behind the workings of the right and left brain. The SUPER BONUS is that we can apply these new ideas to EVERYTHING! Thanks SO MUCH!"

Pauline T.

Grade 10


"I'm learning to stop second-guessing myself and it's really helped to boost my confidence. I feel like I can achieve a lot more now that I've taken this class."

Kristen Sheppard

Grade 9

"The breathing method helped me on my SAT test to calm myself."

Jonathan Pham

Grade 10

"What was helpful to me in this class was the Cornell notes. It has already helped me take notes and study for my History class in which I then went on to get the best grade I ever have received on a test in that class."

Alex G

Grade 9

“We did the test taking skills right before midterms, and I would have to say it did help. I wish I would have known most of this stuff before.”

Michael McDermott

Grade 9

“For me this class was wonderful. I learned so much new information and used it toward every day things in school. I am performing and understanding better and getting better grades. This class was really a life saver for me.”

Monica Baena

Grade 9

“I learned how to study taking breaks, and it really helped on my midterms.  I think the thing that helped me most was learning the best way to “master” a textbook. This will really help because I don’t usually process textbook information.”

Kristen Mathe

Grade 9

“I highly recommend the Study Skills course to anyone who is struggling with their grades. This course taught me many self-awareness skills that helped me find out why my test scores weren’t as high when I knew the material.

Aylson Olmstead

Grade 9

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