Special Workshop: Developing Your Intuitive Skills

Who is this for?

This workshop is open to both adults and teens who are in the ninth grade or beyond. All teens must be accompanied by a parent. The fee for teens and parents attending together has been deeply discounted to encourage their attendance. Those who are interested in developing their skills for professional as well as personal use are especially welcome.

Individuals in all fields, including scientists, artists and musicians, writers, therapists and medical professionals, have been known to credit their intuition, or “gut-instinct” as the source of a profound break-through in their work. Internationally known composers have said they hear the entire musical composition in their head before writing it. A surgeon writes of his pre-surgery routine of tapping into his precognitive skills to see how the actual surgery will unfold, avoiding many a medical crisis. J. K. Rowling describes having the entire story of Harry Potter “fall into her head”, unbidden, and then taking the next seven years to write it down.

Why now?

In her Stressless Tests© classes, Betty Caldwell routinely sees more and more students who can intuitively access the correct answer to math problems without being able to show their work in a linear way and who exhibit other high levels of intuition.  Many of us have every day experiences of  “just knowing” something we have no way to explain, including frequent premonitions. Such precognitive events have helped people avoid danger, connect to loved ones in crucial moments, and be better prepared in a myriad of circumstances of everyday life. Research indicates that over 70% of Americans have had precognitive events, also called premonitions.

Now, thanks to new research in neurology and learning style, we have a better understanding of intuition and how to develop it for our benefit in our personal and professional life. This workshop is presented in line with the Stressless Tests© mission of helping people find and develop their often unknown strengths for greater confidence, self awareness, and contributions to the world.

Benefits of the workshop

In this fascinating, high-energy, warm and eye-opening class we will explore:

  • Each person’s personal profile of their current level of intuitive skills
  • How we can develop intuition as a reliable and grounded skill, moving beyond occasional flashes of insight
  • How to distinguish between what is reliable intuitive information and what is simple fantasy or wishful (or fearful) thinking

We will create:

  • a place to discuss participants’ experiences in an atmosphere of respect, confidentiality and understanding
  • a place to learn from each other
  • a personal action plan for integrating this knowledge into everyday life

Previous workshop clients

Betty Caldwell has been fascinated by and pursuing studies of intuitive development since her early days in college. She has studied with acknowledged experts in the field and has interviewed top performers in the business world, national political figures and nationally known therapists and healers who have honed their skills to discover the down to earth benefits of intuition in their personal and professional lives. In previous private intuitive development classes, Betty’s former students have included nationally recognized financial planners and organizational development professionals, business executives, and members of the national security community. She has a particular interest in working with intuitive students as well as adults to help them develop a positive and grounded context for their skills. 


Private classes available

Private classes can be arranged for those who are not in the Howard County area, or who wish to explore the topic in more depth. Sessions may be in person, or by phone or Skype. Please send an email to bcaldwell202@gmail.com for more information, including your particular interest and level of previous exploration of the topic, if any.


Upcoming Classes & Events

As Of August 2018, No Middle Or High School Classes Will Be Scheduled In The Near Future.

Contact Information


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