Special Presentation: Visual Learners and ADD

Have you ever wondered whether you or your children, spouse, or coworkers have ADD or are just out of touch with time, easily distracted, and swayed more by feelings than facts?  Now you can discover the commonalities   and differences between visual learners and those with ADD/ADHD and how to effectively treat them.  Join me for this one time Special Presentation, open to all interested adults, students, parents, teachers or workplace managers.  This is such an important topic it is being offered at special one time low registration fee of $15.00.


  • How to determine whether you have ADD/ADHD or are just charmingly creative
  • Why many popular approaches to teaching motivation, organization and time management are doomed to failure
  • Why teaching “the right way to do it” won’t work for visual learners
  • What’s different about the ADHD brain
  • How to access your surprising strengths of organization, time management, and linear thinking

Enjoy this one time event!

  • Interactive
  • Illuminating
  • Entertaining

Take away

  • Groundbreaking insights
  • Real world tools you can use immediately at home or work
  • New resources for further learning

Date: February 19, 2013

Cost: $15.00

Location: Centennial High School in the Media Center: This is the correct location as of Tuesday Feb. 19. Please disregard all other published locations.

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