A Workshop For Parents

" I have spent thousands of dollars to help my child with studying, and never learned what I did in your workshop! Thank you!!"

Do you have a student who

     • Is a creative thinker

     • Does well in class, but not on tests

     • Is a world-class procrastinator

     • Is bright but disorganized

     • Is challenged by memorization tasks

Join us for this one-evening workshop: Learning How to Learn


  • A whole new perspective on your child, rooted in brain-based science.
  • How your student's inborn learning style impacts their learning challenges
  • Tips and strategies on how to help them study smarter, not harder
  • How to help them become more independent and self-responsible in their studies
  • How to create more results-oriented support with less pressure.

Who: Parents of Middle, High School and young adult learners. Open to all, regardless of whether your child has taken the Study Skills class

Instructor: Betty Caldwell, M.A., Director, Stressless Tests®

Cost: Free, but participants need to register

Location: Centennial HS Ellicott City, MD

Upcoming Classes & Events

As Of August 2018, No Middle Or High School Classes Will Be Scheduled In The Near Future.

What They're Saying

Parent Cartoon

Ah!  I understand her so much better now.  Best of all, I can help her improve her ability to focus.  Very enlightening!”

-Becki Dobyns


“I was happy to learn that the difficulties my son is having are not a result of any lack of intelligence or ability…I feel like I now have a valuable set of tools to use to help him.”

-Patti LeConte


Contact Information


(410) 314-2916