Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the HD Foundation?

A. The HD Foundation is a charitable and educational non-profit organization founded by Betty Caldwell in 1996. The Foundation's mission is to provide education to the public on the emerging body of knowledge on the mind/body connection, and to help people integrate that knowledge into everyday living. Foundation courses have been offered locally through Howard Community College, and both nationally and internationally at professional conferences and through distant learning technologies.

Q. Are classes open to students who do not attend the Howard County public schools?

A. Yes. All students who want to learn to do their best are welcome. Students have attended from public, private, and home schools.

Q. My child is in the fifth grade. Can I enroll her in the Middle School class?

A. The first time students are accepted into the Middle School class is in the Summer session prior to their entering the sixth grade. Eighth grade students should be registered in Middle School classes. They may register for High School Study Skills classes as early as the summer before they start their ninth grade year.

Q. My child gets good grades in class, and then does poorly on tests. Can your courses help?

A. Many students don’t know how to know when they really are well prepared for tests. Some study too much, and some, not enough. Once students learn a systematic way to study, and develop the skills to stay focused in the classroom, they are much better prepared to do well on tests. If additional support is needed, you may wish to enroll your child in the Reducing Test Anxiety Course.

Q. With classes and sports, my child has a pretty long day. Can students pay attention in an evening class?

A. Classes are highly interactive with exercises, videos, activities and discussions. In addition, since the class focuses on individualizing the material, students are learning things that help them personally from day one.

Q. How will I know what my child has studied?

A. You may wish to read What's My Style? Test and Study Secrets for Procrastinating Teens, the textbook for the course. Also available is the Study for Success DVD produced by Betty Caldwell.

Q. Do I need to sign up for your web-based mailing list in order to hear about future classes?

A. This is the only way you can insure receiving timely notices for all classes. Notices are also posted on some PTA/PTSA electronic newsletters, but decisions as to whether and when to post such announcements rest with the individual schools.

Q. Is this program supported by the Howard County Public School System?

A. Stressless Tests® has been recognized as an Educational Partner by the HCPSS, and What's My Style Test and Study Secrets for Procrastinating Teens by Betty Caldwell has been approved by HCPSS. Stressless Tests® is privately sponsored and organizationally separate from HCPSS, receiving no funds or other formal support. There is of course a close mutual working relationship with teachers, parents, guidance counselors, PTSAs, and such organizations as the GT Parents Advisory Committee and others.

Q. How can we get course announcements for our school?

A. Announcements of upcoming classes will be readily made available to all schools and other interested parties to list in their eSchool- newsletters and other publications. To receive announcements for your school, please contact Betty Caldwell at (410) 314-2916 or email:

Q. Do you still have classes when schools are closed?

A. When schools are closed for holidays, inclement weather, or other reasons, they are closed for our classes as well. Make-up classes will be scheduled as needed.

Upcoming Classes & Events

As Of August 2018, No Middle Or High School Classes Will Be Scheduled In The Near Future.

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