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"It turns out I am heavily "right-brained" and this is why I have so much trouble processing the data and details of the manuals and guides, recalling it for the exams.  Betty has found ways for me to read, study, and LEARN the information, enabling me to recall what I need to know not only for the exam but for speaking with clients.  I strongly recommend PPI contact her as a teaching and learning resource for their classes."

Joyce Russell Hadley

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Preparing the people taking the test

Adult ExamsTypically, professional exam prep courses, whether for medical Boards or professional certification, focus on the test itself, including practice exams, question analysis, test construction, study guides, etc. The Stressless Tests® Method fills in the crucial missing piece: an awareness of how individual test-takers learn best. Some individuals, based on their in-born learning style, may actually store the information in the wrong part of their memory to be accessed during an exam. Mastering the Stressless Tests® Method paves the way for more efficient and effective studies, with proven strategies to convert learning to "test-ready knowledge" so students can pass the exam the first time. This is a life skill.

Those returning to higher education as adult learners face special challenges. Study skills may be rusty, or inadequate for current educational methods. Test anxiety may undermine the best preparation. Now they can benefit from the added confidence based on self-knowledge of how they learn best. With study strategies chosen to match their challenges, students will experience less stress, more confidence, and higher levels of performance.

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Who will benefit?

  • Individuals and study groups preparing for professional exams and certificates
  • Those returning to higher education as adult learners.

    The Stressless Tests® Method helps students
  • Identify their dominant, brain-determined, learning style
  • Discover how their learning style affects test taking, test anxiety, content mastery, memorization, procrastination, and more
  • Learn proven techniques and strategies to enhance learning style, engage more of their brain’s capabilities, build confidence, and improve performance on tests and in the classroom
  • Incorporate new concrete behavior and skills into their everyday studies, taking action to boost their academic standing and test performance
  • Pass the test the first time

Stressless Tests® consultations are available to study groups and to individual learners.

Study Groups

Call for information on special workshops tailored to your organizations' needs.

       • Learning needs assessments for study group members

       • Skills workshops to help learners pass the test the first time

       • Train the trainers workshops for your organization

Individual consultations include:

  • an assessment of your own dominant, brain-determined learning style
  • an analysis of how your inborn study style affects your test taking, test preparation, subject-matter mastery, memorization techniques and more
  • an assessment of the skills needed for optimal performance on the exam
  • strategies and skill-building sessions to master the study style needed for testing
  • strategies, tools and skill-building sessions for overcoming test-related stress

Instructor: Betty Caldwell, M.A., Director, Stressless Tests™ Betty is a specialist in brain-based learning and mastering test anxiety.

Scheduled Classes:

All class schedules are tailored to individual needs.  Call to arrange individual sessions.

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